20 July 2018

Chelsey G.

I experienced miserable TMJ issues (locked jaw due to dislocated discs) for a year and a half. Dr. Mendenhall was awesome and so supportive throughout this unfortunate journey. Surgery went very smoothly and recovery was quick. My pain is gone and I can now open my jaw normally and eat comfortably. It’s been about two and a half months since my surgery and I feel 100%. I would recommend Dr. Mendenhall to anyone! And staff was very kind and helpful!

Dr. Mendenhall was the first one through this year and a half journey that was able to help Chelsey and actually bring relief and hope to her situation. The pain was unbearable for her and it was hard to see her go through this. Dr. Mendenhall was an answer to prayer. We highly recommend him for anyone with any jaw issues and concerns. He’s the best of the best in our opinion.
Lisa Griffith (Chelsey’s mother)