Technology for Better Care and Comfort

OKC-OMS wants patients to have the best experience and outcome possible. For this reason, we invest in technology that helps our doctors evaluate patient needs, plan and personalize treatment, and conduct gentle and accurate procedures.

Learn how technology promotes care at OKC-OMS and what you can expect as a patient. Then, schedule an appointment for advanced treatment with our practice.

Better Vision with 3D Scanning

In many oral surgery procedures, the approach that the doctor uses will depend on the strength, stability, and position of structures beneath the gums. Whether you are receiving dental implants, getting teeth extracted, or having jaw surgery, better knowledge about these underlying structures will improve the function, durability, and appearance of your results.

OKC-OMS uses cone beam CT scanning to create detailed, three-dimensional anatomic models. This lets our doctors see the teeth and surrounding bone with improved accuracy. We use this information to identify areas of bone loss, plan grafts if necessary, plan surgical procedures and coordinate different stages of treatment.

Models and Guides Refine Surgical Procedures

Our practice employs several technologies that leverage the cone beam scans and that allow us to effectively prepare for surgery. We use software for simulating procedures, modeling jaw surgeries, and determining the ideal location for dental implants. We also produce customized guides that allow us to work with a high degree of accuracy.

In addition to supporting better outcomes, models and guides improve the efficiency of treatment. For example, OKC-OMS doctors can often combine procedures into a single surgical session because we know in advance that the patient has the bone strength to support this decision. This means that patients see results more quickly and with fewer office visits.

High-Quality Materials and Digital Impressions

A variety of companies make dental components, and they may use different materials in their production processes. The choices that companies make during manufacturing can affect the comfort and strength of the treatments that patients receive. For this reason, OKC-OMS invests in high-grade components and in materials proven through research to offer comfort and durability.

For dental implants, we typically employ titanium, which is similar to what surgeons use in hip and knee replacement procedures. Titanium is biocompatible, and it is extremely rare for patients to have a reaction to the implant’s components as a result.

Along with high-quality materials, OKC-OMS has gone digital with certain processes to improve the patient experience. In traditional dentistry, one treatment that some patients find uncomfortable is getting an impression of their teeth made. OKC-OMS has invested in digital scanning as an alternative. Our doctors use a wand camera to take 3D photos of the mouth, and our software combines this data into a fully realized model that is ready for dental fabrication.

Specialized Instruments and a Full Range of Anesthesia Options

OKC-OMS surgeons have extensive training and experience with specialized instruments for procedures. The precision and quality of these instruments allow us to work more carefully and accurately, which aids in a patient’s recovery. Certain tools, such as self-irrigating drills, reduce the potential for discomfort following procedures, while others offer a gentler approach to treatment, such as gum tissue resurfacing with CO2 lasers.

As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, our doctors also hold certification in IV general anesthesia. This permits us to provide any level of anesthesia that is appropriate for the procedure and that meets the patient’s preferences. Sleeping through treatment allows patients to have a more comfortable, low-anxiety experience. To promote safety further, our doctors and staff have attained ACLS and VLS certification.

Beyond the tools and technologies that OKC-OMS offers patients, the skill of our doctors and our approach to care distinguish our work. If you are seeking an established oral surgery practice that is focused on a patient-centered experience, we invite you to visit our offices.

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