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Strong and healthy bone in the jaws keeps your teeth stable and functional. Over time, however, bone in the area of missing or damaged teeth can collapse and erode. OKC-OMS uses grafting to improve the contour of this bone, often in combination with dental implants or jaw surgery.

Bone grafting strengthens the foundation on which natural teeth and dental implants rely. Grafts take the place of missing bone and, with certain techniques, can encourage new bone to develop. As a result, the procedure can make teeth and restorations more durable, aesthetically appealing, and functional.

General dentists refer patients to OKC-OMS in part because of our experience and advanced approach. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialists with years of additional training in procedures such as bone grafting. We utilize technology that lets us perform treatments gently and with a high degree of accuracy. Our goal is to achieve a lasting, attractive outcome.

Determining If You Need Bone Grafting

sinus lift animationIf you are missing teeth, have damaged teeth, or are experiencing problems related to your jaw, we encourage you to schedule a visit with OKC-OMS. Your doctor will begin with an examination of your teeth and their supporting structures. Typically, the doctor will also take a cone beam CT scan: a 3D image of the teeth and bone.

Following the CT scan, your doctor will:

  • Review the 3D image with you and show where the bone in your jaw may have changed.
  • Talk with you about your options for repairing the defect with bone grafting.
  • Prepare a treatment plan based on your needs and preferences.

OKC-OMS will offer several choices for sourcing the material for your bone grafts. Certain options can actually encourage existing bone to create new cells and to repair areas of loss. Your doctor will take the time to talk about these and other factors in your treatment.

Receiving a Bone Graft

OKC-OMS designs treatment around their Oklahoma City patients in our care. With procedures that involve bone grafting, we will typically provide sedation so that you can sleep through the entire experience.

Often, bone grafting takes place in combination with dental implant restoration or as part of jaw surgery. As a result, your doctor may perform several other procedures during your appointment in addition to the graft itself.

During the bone graft portion of the surgery:

  • Most commonly, the doctor will obtain the bone graft material from a tissue bank sourced according to your desire. These grafting materials do not require an additional surgical site and can typically be used with high success. The doctor could also use graft material from your own body’s donor site (typically the jaw, hip, or knee area).
  • The doctor will graft the desired material onto your jaw bone.

Your doctor will also shape the graft after placing it. This will help provide a more natural-looking appearance and a strong, stable foundation.

Comfort and Recovery After Your Treatment

You may have some soreness and swelling for a few days after surgery. Most Oklahoma City patients who have small-scale grafting can return to work a day or two later. Patients with larger-scale grafting needs may require more time to feel comfortable prior to returning to normal daily activities.

Some Oklahoma City Patients usually need three-to-four months for the bone and graft to integrate before they can have follow-up procedures. In some cases, however, patients have enough strength at the graft site that doctors can combine grafting and implant placement into the same surgery.

Caring for the surgical site is relatively straightforward. The grafts that OKC-OMS in Oklahoma City places are usually particulate or sand-like, which allows us to shape the material more closely to the area of need. You may notice some loose particles as you heal, but this is perfectly normal.

Excellence in Bone Grafting in OKC

As a result of your bone grafting procedure, you can expect a stronger foundation for your dental implants or jaw surgery. This important step will help you achieve a longer lasting outcome, more predictable results, and an overall more aesthetic appearance.

Bone grafting is one part of a comprehensive approach to restoring teeth and their supporting structures. To establish a treatment plan for your needs, contact OKC-OMS online or by phone in the Oklahoma City area for an appointment.