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The oral and maxillofacial surgeons of OKC-OMS are experts in dental implant placement and its related treatments, and we conduct these procedures daily. Oklahoma City patients can benefit from our years of experience in surgical practice, contributions to the body of research on dental implants, and residency training focused on the procedure.

Beyond the expertise we offer, our community-based practice invests in building relationships with our Oklahoma City patients. Our doctors will take the time to get to know you and your goals, and we will take steps to improve your comfort and confidence throughout your treatment.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants replace missing or damaged teeth with new teeth to improve both aesthetics and function. They offer several advantages over other restorative methods, including durability, a natural appearance, and protection against bone loss. Whether you need to replace one, several, or all of your teeth, dental implants offer excellent results.

Implant Placement Options

Implants Can Address a Wide Range of Needs

The root of your tooth—the portion below the surface of the gums—gives the tooth strength and stability. When a tooth is missing or damaged, a dental implant replaces the original root and attaches to a new crown (the visible part of the tooth) or dental prosthesis.

OKC-OMS employs titanium implants that are similar to material that surgeons use in hip and knee replacements. These implants can work with:

A single crown or multiple adjacent crowns.

Bone in the area of a missing tooth may erode over time, creating an unaesthetic appearance and weakening the jaw. Replacing only the crown may not prevent this bone loss, while a dental implant combined with a crown can.

Removable dentures.

Traditional dentures can shift as you speak or eat, and the fit between the dentures and the gums can become loose over time. Dental implants can anchor the dentures while still allowing you to remove them as needed.

A full arch of fixed, permanent teeth.

Otherwise known as All-on-4®, this approach can restore your entire smile and provide you with similar function to your original teeth.

Planning Your Care

As part of your initial consultation, your OKC-OMS doctor will talk with you about your needs and examine your teeth and their supporting structures. The doctor may also take radiographs or 3D X-rays to help in planning your treatment.

During the visit, you will also meet with our implant coordinator and insurance coordinator. These team members will help you understand the process of getting dental implants, discuss potential costs, and look at how insurance can help.

OKC-OMS uses a two-pronged approach to dental implant restoration:

  • Our specialists in oral surgery will plan, prepare for, and place the dental implants.
  • Separately, a restorative doctor will focus on creating attractive new teeth to connect to the implants.

Working with experts in each area will help you achieve the strongest and most aesthetically appealing result. The OKC-OMS implant coordinator will work with you and your restorative dentist to schedule your care.

Your Experience with Dental Implants 

Effective Treatment. Improved Function. Better Aesthetics.

OKC-OMS surgeons use a high degree of care and precision in conducting procedures. Our Oklahoma City patients describe the recovery from dental implants as more comfortable than other dental procedures they have had.

Partly, this is due to our ability to use a wide variety of anesthetic options. Depending on your preferences and treatment plan, we can do anything from profoundly numbing a single tooth to allowing you to sleep through the entire procedure. Our surgeons are licensed in IV general anesthesia and our staff maintains a high level of training to ensure safety during this aspect of your care. After procedures in our office, we will have you return one week later for a checkup to make sure you are healing comfortably.

The Dental Implant Placement Process

Your experience with dental implants will vary with your needs but may include the following.


You may have this procedure if you are getting dental implants to replace damaged teeth. Your surgeon will also graft bone to extraction areas, strengthening them for the future placement of dental implants. Some Oklahoma City patients require three months of healing before their next procedure. However, a clinical evaluation and radiographs may show that you can receive dental implants on the same day in conjunction with your bone grafting.

Implant placement.

Your doctor will place implants to support your new teeth:

  • For a single tooth, you may receive a single implant.
  • If you are getting removable dentures, the doctor will place several implants in the upper and / or lower jaw.
  • If you are a candidate for total jaw restoration, the doctor will place four or more implants. All-on-4 Oklahoma City patients may receive a full set of temporary teeth on the day of their procedure.


Most dental implants need three months to heal, though more advanced implant placement may require a change to the typical healing time. After this time, your restorative dentist will fabricate and connect your new teeth to the implants.

Dental implants can give you back a complete set of teeth that have the natural appearance and function of your original teeth. With care from OKC-OMS, you can expect a high-quality experience and outcome in your treatment.

Restore missing or damaged teeth with dental implants placed by specialists in oral surgery. Contact our offices in the Oklahoma City area at (405) 636-4230 or (405) 463-0004.